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The gift that gives on giving! Treat yourself or a loved one to regular flower deliveries from our award winning, local floral design team!


Carefully curated, using only the finest blooms and colour selections, we take great pride in delivering a bit of "NORRIS Magic" to your door step month after month. Working with purely seasonal botanical materials we always chose fairtrade and as locally grown as possible over mass availability to ensure quality and longevity.


A range of different designs will be available throughout the seasons. So, if you love flowers or know someone who deserves a whole bunch of beautiful blooms each month, this is for you!

Average saving of 25%+ in comparison to individually purchased bouquets.


Subscriptions available for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Monthly Bouquet Subscription

  • The best flowers, greenery and all that nature has to offer are brought together by our master florist. Each month brings a different style, with arrangements changing through the seasons.

    You can be sure that our bouquets will bring joy to you or someone you love, and make any room sing with colour.

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