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We are available for commissions for a wide range of individual installations, projects or longer term contracts.

If you're a business and need a specific space regularly displayed with flowers, or an organisation that requires a bespoke one-off installation, we can cater for everything from small window displays to large floral architectural exhibits.

We can also offer floristry for any event, from a styled photography shoot to a TV or film set.
Our initial consultation is free so get in touch to find out what we can do for you. 


Why commission us?

We have wide-ranging expertise in creating floral designs for different environments and purposes, both permanent and temporary.

We are available for

  • Styled photography shoots

  • Dry and fresh retail installations

  • Festival and event displays

  • Office reception and communal area arrangements

  • Art and creative collaborations

  • Theatre, TV and movie floristry

​We offer

  • Regular contracts

  • Full set-up and take-down service

  • On-site support and consultancy

  • Full project management

  • Collaborative creative process

  • Horticultural and botanical research

Email or call 01457 338003 to discuss your requirements and find out more about how Norris Floristry can support your business, project or event. 

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