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Once aFlorist...

Anja is available for talks, demonstrations, events, workshops, consultancy and support on a wide range of floral design commissions.

Her captivating talks cover all aspects of the floristry industry and her journey as a florist, and when coupled with her master demonstrations create a fascinating and informative inside view of the industry and floristry as an artistic and creative medium. 

Email to discuss your requirements and find out more about Norris Floristry. 

Introducing Anja

Anja Norris was born in the lakeside town of Konstanz, perched on Germany's southern border with Switzerland. Her childhood and school life was one of the countryside and creativity, spending most days horse riding, and enjoying art as a pastime.

That early passion continued, and Anja studied art at Jugendkunstschule Bodenseekreis, before gaining an apprenticeship under local master florist, Christel Guse. After three years, she was fully immersed in the world of floral design, working on a wide range of projects, from weddings to exhibition installations and competitions.

Wider horizons beckoned however, and Anja moved to the UK to pursue a corporate career. This was to prove highly successful, lasting fifteen years before the urge to get back to her roots became overwhelming.

Anja has kept her love of floral design close-by her entire life, and now, with her creative director husband Chris, she is bringing that passion back to life with Derbyshire-based floral design studio Norris Floristry.


Work with Anja

Anja's Style


Stories told through flowers

QUALITY - Anja never compromises on quality. Whether it is selecting stock from trusted suppliers, to foraging in the wilderness, she ensures that the florals Norris Floristry use perform beautifully and last as long as possible with the right care.

SEASONS - Passionate about nature and how the seasons ebb and flow, Anja pulls the full character of the landscape into her floral design throughout the year. It means her work is always current yet still evolving, and always evoking the feel of what the natural world is doing at that moment.

SPECIES - Having such a wide botanical and horticultural knowledge enables Anja to compose floristry using materials that are unusual compared to many florists. Wild plants and flowers rub shoulders with greenhouse grown, and are joined by seeds, berries, vines, succulents and other natural materials to create glorious floral works.

STORIES - Anja works off the idea that you should see something different in a floral arrangement each time you look at it. Her work tells stories, inviting you to explore every detail. For customers, Anja's bespoke floral design is always threaded with the care and knowledge of who it is intended for, capturing moments that have meaning beyond the beauty of the floristry itself.

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